Trends We Hate

Interior design goes through phases just like fashion. There will be good years and great trends and other times there will be things that make us cringe years down the line. There are plenty of current trends that we love: reclaimed wood, pattern mixing, retro light fixtures. But there are some we could do without.

Everyone seems to be putting their books on shelves backward. We don’t understand this. From a design standpoint, it makes the books all look the same color. But from a utilitarian standpoint, you have to turn every single book around to figure out which one it is. We are against displaying things just to display them. We believe that items should be visually interesting, have personal significance, or be functional. Books backward on a shelf do none of those things.

Everyone loves an open floor plan, but there is such a thing as a too-open floor plan. For example, there are now some master suites that don’t have doors or walls between the bedroom and bath area. There is absolutely no reason for this. Keep these two areas separate and keep the mystery alive.

Another big trend lately is minimalist. Everyone is decluttering everything. That’s great, we don’t want a room filled with junk you don’t care about or rarely use. However, there can be too little in a room as well. Having personal touches, some art, or family photos around the room makes it look lived in and welcoming. You don’t want your home looking like a hotel room, completely void of all personality, do you? Display at least a couple of things to show people that someone with a  personality lives there.

Then there’s throw pillows. All anyone hears about is adding pillows with colors and patterns will make a room pop! And yes, they will. However, if you add too many, you’re making the room overwhelming and the sofa, chair, or bed, will make it hard to sit or sleep comfortably. The pillows will probably end up on the floor, and then you’re defeating the whole purpose. While we absolutely encourage the use of throw pillows as room accents, make sure that you use this design technique sparingly.

The last one on our list is the farmhouse sink. Now, a farmhouse sink can look fantastic in some kitchens. Some people, however, just know that it is the newest thing in kitchen décor and so they want one, even if their kitchen is closet sized or shaped like a hallway. They don’t care if everything else is modern and sleek or rounded and retro, they want that farmhouse sink. You really need to have a nice sized room and a complementary design in order for a farmhouse sink to work in your space. Talk with an expert who designs kitchens before you get your heart set on one. There might be something much better looking and more practical for your space.

Not every trend is right for every room, and there’s no reason for you to keep up with them all. You have to choose things based on your room size and desired function as well as your own personal tastes. Are there trends that we overlooked that you cannot stand? Or have we judged these too harshly?