Dos and Don’ts of Bathroom Renovations

We could spend days going over all the basics of home improvement, focusing on DIY to professional service. First, you have to have a need before you begin to decide who gets to do the work. Most people have multiple areas of concern. The roof is old, and the line outdated; the garage could be converted to family space; the kitchen is beyond belief with no counter or cupboard space. We could mention small closets, missing patios, and bathrooms ready to demolish. In fact, why not start there.

A nice bathroom is a luxury and only the new homes and apartments have sufficient space. Thus, bathroom renovation is at the top of most lists. The easy part is picking nice tile, a prefab cabinet, and state-of-the art sink and toilet. Unless you push out a wall, it is probably mandatory where everything is placed. You can, however, remove a tub and enlarge a shower. Removing tiny medicine chests is easy but putting a solid wall of mirror takes some expertise. In fact, it all takes time, money, and skill. Unless you or a friend has some construction experience, it is wise to consider a pro. A good handyman might even be enough.

A plumber, however, might be required for a new water heater to go along with all the renovations. If the old one is conking out, consider the new tankless systems that save money and space. I wouldn’t try installing it yourself after reading about professional installation at Tankless Center. It is like a mini computer and you might not be able to program it. But if you want to get involved, design the color scheme and purchase cool accessories. After all, your home is a reflection of your taste.