Common Bedroom Mistakes

Most people don’t spend a lot of time awake in their bedrooms, but that is not an excuse to have an ugly or unfunctional place to rest. You need a retreat, a place where you can unwind from the rest of the world, and get a good night’s rest. Here are some things most people do wrong, and what you can do differently.

First: keep the electronics out of the bedroom. That means no tv, no tablets, no computers. Don’t charge your phone at the side of the bed. Noises, alerts, and screens that seem to randomly brighten at all hours of the night will disturb your precious shut-eye. Plus all those cords and clutter are just unsightly. Leave them somewhere else. And please, please, keep the exercise equipment out of there. Your bedroom is not a gym. There’s only one kind of exercise acceptable in there!

Second: your lighting is probably wrong. Make sure you have soft wattage bulbs in your bedroom. You’re not going to be performing surgery in there, nor is it going to look flattering or set the mood when it is sexy time. Soft lighting. Soft lighting fixtures, too, with fabric shades. You don’t need curtains made with heavy materials, but there is a reason you sleep so well in hotel rooms – they have blackout curtains. You should get some too.

Third: don’t make the room too busy. Too many knickknacks make your eye restless, which will in turn make YOU restless. Have a well-organized closet so that you can find the things you need when you want them and they’re not strewn all around the room. Have a place for your accessories and things like keys, wallets, and jewelry: it will help your room stay neat and orderly as well as prevent you from losing them. Also think about your textiles. If you have a busy print on the curtains, don’t also have a busy print on the bedspread. Don’t have bright and loud colors on the wall, either. Bedrooms are places for muted colors, pastels, and cool tones. There is a reason you’ve never been in a spa with bright red or orange on the walls!

Fourth: make the room practical. If you know you’re not going to walk all the way to the other side of the room to put your clothes in the hamper at night, put the hamper where you’re going to use it. Get a pretty one if you’re afraid it will be “unsightly” (although we ask you, which is more unsightly, a hamper or dirty clothes everywhere?). If you read lots of books at night, get a nightstand with shelves or buy yourself an ereader to cut down on book piles. Like to set your clothes out the night before? Get a handsome valet to hold your clothes without wrinkling them.

These are the biggest issues we have noticed when we’ve been making over our client’s bedrooms. Got a specific bedroom design question? Drop us a line and we’ll see if we can help out!